Our Staff

The Olive School has a dedicated team of talented and inspirational staff who are committed to delivering the highest standards for each and every child at the school.

The Principal is Mrs Yusuf.

Mrs Yusuf is supported by a dynamic team of senior leaders and staff. We strongly believe that outstanding staff are essential to delivering an outstanding education. We put a lot of effort into recruiting the very best people. We then invest heavily in their continuing professional training and development.

Mrs Yusuf (Principal)

Mrs Burgess (School Business Manager)

Mrs Pathan (Head of Finance)

Miss Woodruff-Clegg (Business Support Officer)

Mrs Saleh (Business Support Officer)

Mr Batan (ICT Technician)

Miss Mitchell (Teacher)

Mrs Ditta-Fitzsimon (Director of Learning EYFS)

Miss Cross (Teacher)

Mrs Choudhury (SENCo and Teacher)

Mrs Suleman (Teacher)

Mrs Raouf (Teacher)

Miss Gajaria (Teacher)

Miss Patel (Teacher)

Miss Bala (Teacher)

Mrs Munshi (Teacher)

Miss Collier (Teacher)

Mrs Badat (Learning Coach)

Miss Khonat (Learning Coach)

Miss Robinson (Apprentice)

Miss Stanikzai (Apprentice)

Miss Hanslot (SSA)

Miss Hafeji (SSA)

Miss Giash (Learning Coach)

Miss  Patel (Learning Coach)

Miss Taju (Learning Coach)

Miss Taju (Learning Coach)

Miss Hajat (Learning Coach)

Miss Isap (Learning Coach)

Miss Asmal (Learning Coach)

Miss Wadhati (Learning Coach)

Miss Patel (Learning Coach)

Mrs Ahmed (Welfare Assistant)

Mrs Farhan (Welfare Assistant)

Mrs Patel (Welfare Assistant)

Mrs Saleh (Welfare Assistant)

Mrs Patel (Welfare Assistant)

Mrs Asmal (Welfare Assistant)

Mr Ainscough (Site Supervisor)

Mr Solkar (Site Supervisor)

Mrs Ismail (Cleaner)

Mrs Patel (Cleaner)

Miss Dadhiwala (Cleaner)


Latest news

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A new national helpline for parents and carers will provide personalised support and advice on home learning to support pupils until schools re-open.

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Kids' Zone

Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!

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Free Parking Solution

Please note that all parking for The Olive School Preston is on the Mercer Street Car Park PR1 4LQ.

Please support us in helping to keep our pupils safe at The Olive School.