School Leaders

Those pupils who effectively demonstrate our STAR values and behaviours and play an integral and positive role in the school community have the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills by becoming a School Leader. Such pupils are expected to embody our mission of educational excellence, character development and service to communities. They are willing to go the extra mile in terms of helping staff and supporting their fellow pupils, and behave impeccably both in and outside of the school.

Pupil Council (Shuraa)

At The Olive School, the views of the children matter.  We encourage children to share their views and ideas in a variety of ways. We believe that they best understand the ways in which they learn and should be at the centre of school improvement and community development.  Listening to the voices of pupils raises children’s self-esteem, develops their leadership skills and helps them value learning (both in school and beyond).

We currently have 20 elected members on the Pupil Council. There are 5 members from each class. The Pupil Council meet the Principal once a half term discussing initiatives and projects to support the school.

The main aim of the School Council is to help to make our school a better place for the children and to give us an opportunity to have our opinions and ideas heard. Each class from Reception upwards has one special representative who is elected every year.

The class representatives inform the children in their classes what has been discussed at each meeting and the children can ask the representatives to take forward their ideas to the next meeting. Everybody gets a fair say in the meeting and nobody is left out.

The Pupil Council also represents The Olive School in lots of different visits outside of school. Our Pupil Shuraa (Council) for 2017/18 are:

Ibn Zubayr
Bint Muhammad
Ibn Salaamah
Bint Qays
Ibn Abbas
Bint Abbe Bakr
 Pupil Shuraa

Hamza Umar

Maariyah Kazi

Hasan Malik

Maryam Naeem

Aaminah Zahra Pandor

Abdur-Rahman Kath

Muhammad Rayyan Patel

Hamnah Dedat

Mohammad Yahya Al Qadhi

Fatima Ali

Muhammad Chhadat (Dec)

Aaminah Ghani

Muhammed Patel

Ruqayyah Bhikha

Aysha Darwan

Imaani Patel (Dec)

Ossama El Kadi

Zahra Malik

Adam Umarji

Khadija Khan

Saalihah Umar (Dec)

Muhammed Bilal

Esa Bhaiyat

Aaminah Desai

Haleema Adam

Fatimah Nomani


School Monitors

School monitors are assigned to a class and help teachers to keep their classrooms tidy, making sure everything is packed away neatly after lessons, windows are closed at the end of the day, and classroom equipment is stored safely. School monitors also represent the school at outside events, help host visitors and provide support with the preparation and the delivery of assemblies. Our school monitors are reliable and trustworthy and show leadership characteristics from a young age through leading by example.

Peer Mentors

Peer mentors support younger learners as they make the transition to primary school and through the initial years in school. Peer mentors provide advice and guidance to help new arrivals settle in and regularly have lunch with pupils they are mentoring to provide support and encouragement.

Admissions information

2019/20 Applications are to be made online at

Closing date for applications: Date TBC Open Evenings: Dates TBC

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Free Parking Solution

Please note that all parking for The Olive School Preston is on the Mercer Street Car Park PR1 4LQ.

Please support us in helping to keep our pupils safe at The Olive School.