Extra Curricular


Although The Olive School has academic excellence at its core, we strongly believe that high quality extra-curricular activities enhance the learning experience beyond the curriculum and are an essential part of school life. For all our pupils a comprehensive programme of enrichment opportunities (Olive Enrichment Academies) are offered aimed at developing the key ‘personal skills and aptitudes’, along with developing specific interests and talents.

The Enrichment Academies provide opportunities for pupils to try new things and are an excellent medium to foster good relationships between staff, pupils and parents. They develop pupils’ social skills by providing a forum of interaction between pupils across different ages and schools. We offer a variety of Enrichment Academies to meet the different interests of the children. Enrichment Academies change every term, so that all children’s interests are catered for.

Star Mini-Baccalaureate

The Star Mini-Baccalaureate brings together the three curricular drivers – academic excellence, personal development and community – in a single accreditation framework. It is awarded to pupils who, through service, commitment and personal excellence, act as living examples of the Star Educational Model. It is not easily obtained or subordinate to other recognised outcomes at the end of key stages. In itself, it indicates a level of excellence that has been achieved by the holder, acknowledged by a wider community.

Through its award the Star Mini-Baccalaureate recognises not only the commitment of its holder to learning, outstanding attendance and behaviour throughout the School, but also reflects how each child has grown from the Early Years Foundation stage to the end of Key Stage 2. It demonstrates that they have actively embraced their role as a future citizen, leader and entrepreneur in the community in which they will live and to which they will contribute.

Pupils in all Star primary schools will prepare for the Mini-Baccalaureate and it will represent a flagship qualification. At the outset it will be necessary to communicate to secondary schools what the Star Mini-Baccalaureate represents and what its holder has done to achieve it.

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