Partnership with Parents

We put a lot of emphasis on parents’ involvement in their child’s education. A positive partnership between the school and parents, with active parental involvement, helps pupils’ personal, academic and emotional development during their vital years at the school.

Parents are as important as teachers in:

  • monitoring learning – regularly discussing learning, homework and attainment with their child
  • fostering values and good character – supporting their child’s personal development and encouraging them to develop a positive character
  • supporting organisation – helping their child to be organised for success, by having all the right equipment and uniform and by being in the right place at the right time
  • motivating and raising aspirations – motivating their child and encouraging them to fulfil their potential

We believe that our partnership approach to working with parents plays a big part in our success. Our commitment to pastoral care and to ensuring that every pupil gets personal attention means that parents can be assured that their child will flourish in our safe and secure learning environment.

Home-School Agreement

All parents and guardians are asked to sign a Home-School Agreement. This clearly states our commitment to their child. It also sets out what we expect in return, in terms of commitment, attendance and behaviour.

Click here to view our Home-School Agreement.

Regular Communications

An effective partnership is dependent upon good communication and we are committed to regular, accurate, useful communication with parents.

We welcome parents contacting the school and do all we can to help with questions and enquiries.

If you would like help accessing any of the school communications or require a translator, please contact the school office for assistance.

There is a monthly Principal’s Surgery for any parents who wish to meet the Principal. In addition there is a Parent Shuraa (Council) meeting once a half term.


We produce regular newsletters to keep our pupils, staff and parents updated on school life. A Principal’s Newsletter is issued every half term. To read our latest newsletters click here.

Text Messaging Service

Text messages are used by the school to remind parents of important information and deadlines. These include revision classes or after-school clubs that their child should attend. We also send messages to let parents know when we send a letter home with their child. If the school needs to remain closed (e.g. due to snow), we will send a text message by 7.30am in the morning and will also text if the school needs to close early for any reason.

Communicating Progress

Pupil success is achieved through robust and aspirational target setting and close tracking of progress at all levels – supported by real-time attainment, attendance and behaviour data. In order to keep parents informed of their child’s progress and behaviour and attendance, the school organises:

  • Half-termly report cards, which include results of regular tests that a child completes in reading, writing and maths. These are also be posted to homes.
  • A one-to-one meeting with the Class Teacher in the first half term, at which the teacher will talk parents through the school’s expectations, procedures and processes, and provide time for parents to share any concerns or ask any questions.
  • A Parents’ Evening each term to review progress and set targets.
  • A Performance Review Meeting with a senior leader each half term to review a child’s progress, if their levels/grades are below nationally expected averages.
  • Parent Curriculum Workshops at least once a term to introduce parents to key concepts such as Phonics.

Concerns or Complaints

Each child’s welfare is the responsibility of all of our staff. The school is committed to listening to parents’ concerns and handling them in a sensitive way. Class teachers should be contacted in the first instance. A member of the Senior Leadership Team can be approached if parents are still dissatisfied. It is always the aim of the school to resolve issues and concerns informally, but a school Complaints Policy exists for parents who feel that any issues have not been satisfactorily addressed.

The Complaints Policy can be downloaded here or can be obtained from the school’s Administration Office.

A parent’s most important link is with their child’s class teacher.  If any parent or member of the public has any general queries about the school, please contact the School Business Manager, Christine Burgess at If you would like to request a paper copy of any information on our website, please get in touch.

Visiting the School

During a normal working day all visitors, including parents, should report to Reception, where visitors will be requested to sign in upon arrival, and sign out when leaving. Visitors must wear a visitor badge. Visitors will be directed to the appropriate offices, or asked to wait in the reception area until the member of staff has been notified of their arrival. Visitors wishing to meet individual members of staff are requested to make appointments beforehand.

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