Welcoming non-Muslim Pupils

We welcome non-Muslim pupils into our school. We take great care to make sure that pupils of all faiths and none can feel part of the Olive “family”. We believe we have a very special educational experience to offer.

This section of our website is particularly aimed at non-Muslim parents and carers who want to know more about our school and what we can offer to their children.

Personalised, aspirational targets

We treat each child as an individual regardless of faith, gender or background. Each pupil is set personalised, aspirational – but achievable – targets. Their progress is monitored regularly by staff and action is taken if any pupil seems to be in danger of not achieving their potential. Parents are encouraged to get involved and to support their child’s education at home.

A high powered, academic curriculum

All pupils follow the three strands of the Star curriculum – educational excellence, character development and services to communities. We want every pupil, regardless of faith, gender or background – to become a model British citizen who aspires to be the best they can in all aspects of their life.

Worship and prayers

We never forget that we serve pupils of all faiths and none. We do all we can to accommodate the worship and prayer needs of pupils from different faiths. Parents are encouraged to discuss any specific faith needs as part of induction. No pupil is forced to take part in worship or prayers.


The school uniform is smart and practical. It is designed to encourage all pupils to take pride in being part of our school.

We respect parents’ right to choose whether their child should wear religious wear associated with their faith. Their requirements can be discussed as part of induction. KS2 Muslim girls are encouraged to wear the hijab as part of the uniform. There is no requirement for non-Muslims to wear the hijab. Tights are also part of the uniform for those girls who choose to wear them. The final decision will rest with the headteacher as to the appropriateness of particular items of religious wear in the school context. No pupil is forced to wear religious clothing.

Food and catering

We promote healthy eating for all our pupils. We provide Halaal food for our Muslim pupils. We also cater for other cultural or faith requirements of pupils or staff and can make Kosher, vegetarian or other options available. Parents are encouraged to discuss any specific dietary requirements as part of induction.

In and around the school

We have Muslim and non-Muslim governors and staff. We organise programmes and events to mark key events in the calendars of the main world faiths and important British secular celebrations such as Mothers’ Day.

English is the language of our school. All lessons (apart from Modern Foreign Languages) are taught in English. English translations are included for any words or phrases in Arabic or other languages that are used in posters or other display materials.

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